Sylvester Stallone Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Stallone has recently been under the radar concerning his image. Several reports claim that the “Italian Stallion” may have undergone some cosmetic procedures.

And if we examine it ourselves, the said rumors could be true. If you are looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will try to cover what kind of surgeries Stallone has gone through. Keep reading below.

Whenever the topic of cosmetic surgery comes up, many people associate it with women. This is because women are more conscious about their looks than men. As a result, a higher percentage of females go for cosmetic procedures.

But that does not mean men can’t go for facial or bodily adjustments. In the entertainment business, there is an equal number of men and women who have gone under the knife. And today, we will examine one such claim featuring action star Sylvester Stallone.

Before and After Pictures

Sylvester Stallone Transformation

In several online posts, reports have started to spread that Sylvester Stallone has had cosmetic surgery. So, we decided to look into it ourselves. And quite evidently, the photos don’t lie.

It seems like Stallone did genuinely alter his face shape, particularly around the neck and jawline. And if we examine his eyes as well, we will notice a considerable change. His eyelids appear higher if we compare them to his before and after photographs.

And rightly so, Stallone agrees with the rumors that he has undergone reconstructive adjustments on his face. But he has defended his claims stating that these procedures were necessary.

Stallone was born with nerve damage which left him paralyzed on his lower left face. This affected both his looks and speech, giving him his signature slurred voice and gnarly appearance.

Even though the makeover did little to his voice, his facial structure seems to have improved. However, we believe his left cheek wasn’t the only area that received touchups. So what other features did Sylvester Stallone improve? Let’s find out.

Did Sylvester Stallone use Botox?

Sylvester Stallone Before and After Transformation

Celebrities are known for using Botox injections for stiffening their faces and looking less aged. And it appears that Sylvester Stallone has also joined the boat along with other celebrities. We will notice this if we compare his before and after photos.

Before undergoing the Botox transplant, Stallone’s face looked wrinkled and saggy. But after the alteration, his face appears to have rejuvenated. The wrinkle and fine lines are less visible. Additionally, his cheeks look supple and defined. He may be 75, but he seems more like he’s in his late 50s.

However, if we observe more closely, his facial skin looks unnatural. This could mean that the “The Expendables” star has had more than one shot of Botox.

If we look at videos on YouTube, we can view his face from various angles. If we observe his facial movements, we will notice fewer blemishes and flaws when he smiles or talks. His skin also looks more tone as though someone applied a face filter to make it look smoother.

Did Sylvester undergo jawline reconstruction?

Sylvester Stallone Facelift and Botox Rumor

According to various reports, Stallone has had a jawline alteration at some point. Looking at some recent photos provides hints to this claim. Stallone’s jawline looks more robust reminiscent of his “Rambo” days. His skin leading up from his chin up to his ears looks firmer.

As a result, we can state that Stallone might have had a mini facelift to redefine his glorious jawline. If we look at pictures of other male Hollywood stars of the same age, we will notice the difference in looks. Stallone certainly takes home the trophy.

Did Stallone have lip surgery?

There is no evidence about Sylvester Stallone undergoing Cheiloplasty. Cheiloplasty is a surgical procedure where one can have their lips enhanced. In Stallone’s case, no changes are noticeable. His somewhat asymmetrical lips have stayed the same since his younger days.

How about his forehead and eyebrows?

The Hollywood star’s forehead looks smooth and blemish-free. Therefore, we cannot deny that Stallone has had minor tweaks done to his forehead. This is why his skin looks stretched and wrinkle-free.

If we move down towards the eyebrows, we will notice a striking change. The brows have certainly experienced a lift. But several specialists point out that this was obviously overdone. His brows do look like they were lifted higher than usual.

Did he get a nose job?

Sylvester Stallone has always had a slight bend nose from a young age. This is why his right nostril looks a teeny bit bigger than his left nostril. Flash forward to a few years later, and his nose has remained the same.

However, some have claimed that his nose tip looks a bit stretched downward. But we can attribute this to a natural aging process. What do you think? Did Sylvester get his nose fixed at some point?

Did he changed anything around his eyes?

At first glance, it seems like Stallone did not undergo any changes to his eyes. But upon close inspection, his eyelids look like they experienced some touchups over the years.

But his eye bags are still visible and look natural. All in all, there is little evidence about Stallone undergoing eyelift surgery. But no matter the cost or expenses, he could get one any time he wants.

Whenever an A-list star comes under the spotlight for having undergone facial reconstruction, the experts are ever ready with their opinions. Let us take a look at what several skin experts have to say about Sylvester Stallone’s plastic surgery claims.

Dr. Adam Hamawy has approved the claims by saying that Stallone has definitely undergone a series of cosmetic touchups. He pointed this by focusing on his jawline, neck and eyes. His only critical comment was towards Stallone’s over-pulled eyebrows.

Another expert, Dr. Andrew Miller, believes that Stallone has had some work done on his eyelids and eye brows. He also hinted at noticeable changes in Stallone’s jaw structure.

What you need to know about him

Sylvester Enzio Stallone was born on July 6, 1946. He gained fame and popularity, portraying the lead character, Rock Balboa, in the Rocky film series. He is also well-known for playing John Rambo in the Rambo film series. This series, in particular, established his status as an action movie star.

Final Thoughts

Several people undergo surgery to try and salvage what remains of their youthful traits. However, in Stallone’s case, it might be a different story. If the fact that he has had only minor adjustments is true, then we can say he is embracing his old age.

We could agree to some extent on this because his facial modifications are not as apparent as others. Furthermore, if he is correct, we could say that he is aging gracefully. But what do you think? Is Stallone speaking the truth, or is he bluffing?

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