SZA Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Today we are going to take a look at cosmetic procedure rumors concerning one such celebrity. Yes, we’re talking about singer SZA. The entertainment business is a factory for gossip. The media’s eyes are always focused on one thing. And that one thing is gossip.

Once you become famous, be prepared to tackle every ridiculous question. That is why Hollywood stars and musicians are constantly under pressure. They are ridiculed by rumors for half of their lives. This is why people say being famous is not easy.

Of course, you have got the lavish life going for you. But what is the point if you can’t enjoy it without the paparazzi constantly interfering? The media will decipher everything from your public image to your personal life. Hence, you have to be on high alert all the time. And while you are at it, you need to watch out for your looks at any cost.

Image consciousness is shared by everyone. And that goes for celebs as well. This is why many of them go for cosmetic procedure to fix any imperfections. They always want to look perfect.

Before and After Pictures

SZA Before and After

In her recent photos and public appearances, SZA has a gorgeous appearance. If we look at her images from the past and today, many people think she appears different. And yes, it’s that familiar cosmetic surgery alert again.

Her critically acclaimed record was released about the same time she started to get attention. But she had started to lose weight during this period. So people might have confused her weight loss with some cosmetic makeover.

Nevertheless, fans notice the change in her face, particularly the chin and nose. People could see the difference in her before and after images and YouTube videos.

The internet was slowly beginning to believe she had undergone reconstructive procedures on her face by this point. Some even suggested a boob job, lip fillers and a facelift. And years later, these stories are still circulating the web.

SZA has denied all these rumors and has refused to talk about them in interviews. She does openly share her transformation after losing weight. But other than that, her lips are sealed. However, she arose suspicion when she deleted some of her photos.

Fans and media outlets used these same photos to compare her alleged transformation. So does that mean that the rumors are true? Did SZA undergo procedures to enhance her looks? We will find out below. Keep reading.

Does SZA have a history with Botox?

SZA Botox

SZA still has years ahead of her and is still in her early thirties. Consequently, we believe she does not use Botox to improve her appearance. Her smile lines are still there in her photos, as you can see. Her facial expressions are still vivid as ever. That youthful glow is still prominent on her “untouched” cheeks.

Moreover, she is still young. So she does need the help of Botox to make herself look good. Rowe also lost quite a lot of weight. She was bulky in her early to mid-twenties. But she began to shed her body fat as she neared her thirties. Therefore, that can make her look as though she has a more chiseled face.

Did SZA get a chin implant?

SZA chin implant

After SZA was seen in broad daylight, rumors that she got a new chin started to circulate. These days, her chin appears more defined. She had a wide, rounded chin before. Her chin, though, seems pointed following the alleged operation. Additionally, we think she underwent surgery for this one. The images speak for themselves.

Her jawline leading up to the skin around her ears, look defined. Some even suggest that this made her look more feminine. Nevertheless, chin implant or not, we can all agree that she looks more attractive now. Thus, the surgeon has done an excellent job.

Did SZA get a nose job?

SZA uploaded a photo of her receiving an award from the City of Hope. After seeing this photo, the internet started to wonder whether she got a nose job. Her nose looked different recently. And people grew more suspicious because she deleted the photo after they started the gossip.

Before the alleged surgery, her nose looked flat with wide nostrils. But some came to her rescue, saying that it was just the work of clever contour makeup. After the procedures, she has a more defined nose shape with smaller nostrils and a pointy nose tip.

Despite this, people were not satisfied. They still believe that she had visited the surgeon to get tweaks on her nose. Perhaps a minor Rhinoplasty is the culprit here.

Did she get lip fillers?

Again, let’s compare her photos. Her lips look the same, doesn’t it? Yes, she still has the same full and plumpy lips that most black women have. SZA’s lips were prominent from before. And years later, they remain untouched. They are natural without any filter. Therefore, we can rule out lip fillers or liposuction from the list.

And even if we assume she got lip enhancements, they are not as excessive. Maybe she just got minor tweaks done to preserve the aesthetics of her lips.

Did she done anything to her eyes?

If you look closely at photos, you can see that she has the same eyes. Therefore, we don’t think SZA has done anything to her eyes. She has the same sparkling eyes she had years ago. Her eyelids and eye bags do seem to appear and reappear in different photos.

However, we all know women love makeup. And this could be her eye shadow at work here. Her eyes are all natural without any filter. Besides, she’s still in her early thirties. And this is not the age to get fine lines and wrinkles.

Blepharoplasty surgeries can cost anything from $1000 to $7000 in the US.

What You Need To Know About SZA

Her music has elements of R&B, Hip Hop, and Neo-soul. She has collaborated with several top artists throughout her career, like 50 Cent, Maroon 5, DJ Khaled, etc. SZA has also received several award nominations and won a couple of them. She is currently working on her second studio album, which is due to be released soon.

SZA has been under the focus of the media lately for her looks. They believe that she looks different in her latest pictures and videos. And we believe cosmetic procedure might be at play here. Did she really pay a visit to the surgeon? Or is it just her makeup crew? Keep reading below to find out.

Final Thoughts

SZA is still in the prime of her career. And the rumor mill started churning only recently. So not many experts or professionals were able to catch the news surrounding her cosmetic surgery gossip.

The only ones interested were online tabloids and magazines, along with her fans. But we can expect them to speak out their opinions sooner or later.

We believe that SZA’s face and body are primarily natural. She might have visited the surgeon at some point. But there is not enough factual information to obtain a green light. We do suspect that her chin and nose got touchups at some point over the years.

But other than that, it looks like the 31-year-old is not getting anything done. We will have to wait and see.

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