Taeyeon Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Besides winning awards, Taeyeon is also a skilled artisan at winning hearts. The count of her fan base stands at a million. Being in the forefront almost all her life, Taeyeon, like all other celebrities, is not free from people speculating about her personal life.

One such speculation is of her cosmetic procedure rumours. Has Taeyeon undergone facial reconstructive procedures? Here is what you need to know:

Before and After Pictures

Did Taeyeon get a nose job?

Taeyeon nose job

If you compare Taeyeon’s before and after pictures, you will find many distinct changes on her face. One such change has to do with her nose.

Looking at her photos taken in 2007 to her recent pictures, you will notice that her nose has undergone a good number of changes. Taeyeon’s original nostril looked broader, and the tip of her nose seemed to be blunt.

The speculation is put forward, keeping in mind that many filter apps can easily manipulate photos. Thus, in this regard, it is important to watch her performances too. Her videos during her Girl’s Generation days show the same nose. It looked shorter and more centred.

Taeyeon is an absolute beauty with very delicate features, except for her nose, which seemed quite thick and broad. However, her recent pictures show a more defined thinner nose with a unique contoured nose and a slightly pointy tip. Many fans opined that her nose looked incredibly beautiful, and it seemed to have brought her whole face into proportion.

Did Taeyeon undergo eyelid lift?

Taeyeon eyelid lift

The second most common cosmetic procedure in South Korea is eyelid surgery. The majority of Koreans are born with mono-eyelids. Thus, the desire for a double-eyelid is a whole another level for South Koreans.

Netizens speculated Taeyeon to have undergone a very conservative eyelid surgery to widen up the corners of her eyes and give herself fuller, more doll-like eyes.

Simultaneously, she was rumoured to have done a double-eyelid surgery since her natural eyelids were almost non-existent. In the context of these rumours, channel-Korea.com uploaded Taeyeon’s baby pictures (aged 4 and 7) in 2019 to prove that her eyes are natural and that she has not undergone any cosmetic surgery procedures to alter the shape of her eyes.

If you take a good look at the images, you will notice that Taeyeon’s eyes are naturally big with a thin double-eyelid. 

It is thus, unsure if Taeyeon had done anything to eyes. This is said keeping in mind that her eyelids must have taken their definite shape over the years. As she matured into a young adult under the spotlight, she may have altered her appearance by experimenting with diverse eye-makeup techniques such as double eyelid tapes, false eye-lashes and circle contact lenses. 

Did Taeyeon Get jawline surgery?

Taeyeon jawline surgery

In 2019, channel-Korea.com posted two zoomed-in photos of Taeyeon of 2009 and 2016, respectively. The picture of 2009 showed a healthy Taeyeon with a chubbier, fuller face.

Years later, she had the same hairstyle and hair colour with the cute bangs, but her face had changed completely. Her chin looked sharper with a more prominent jawline. Additionally, the 2016 photo appeared as though Taeyeon might have a high cheekbone. 

After these images made headlines, netizens began to speculate that Taeyeon must have undergone jawline surgery to make her face appear smaller and more defined. Furthermore, fans refused to believe that it can be the work of make-up and contouring since make-up can enhance features but not reduce the size of a face.

In South Korea, the cost of a nose job or rhinoplasty can range between $4500-6000, $3500-4000 for blepharoplasty or double eyelid surgery, $10000-$15000 for jawline and chin surgery. 

What You Need To Know About Taeyeon

Taeyeon is a famous singer from South Korea. Her birth name is Kim Tae-yeon. She was born in the year 1989. Taeyeon rose to fame in 2007 after her debut as one of the members of the girl band, ‘Girl’s Generation.’

Popularly known as one the most hardworking celebrity in the K-pop industry, she is sought after for her sweet singing voice and sensual dance moves.

The years between 2015 to 2017 witnessed her rise to new heights of stardom. Taeyeon released her debut play singles on Gaon Digital Chart, South Korea. The following year, her number hit single ‘Rain’ made impressive headlines on the K-pop channel. The 32-year-old also experimented with other music genres and released her first Japanese solo, ‘Stay’, in 2018. 

Today, Taeyeon has the most sold albums in South Korea and is recognised as the highest-paid solo artist, with over one million copies of her albums sold worldwide. She is also a recipient of many accolades.

Final Thoughts

Latestcosmeticprocedure website maintained that Taeyeon had undergone rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty and jawline surgery.

In 2016, the website posted before and after photos and videos of her, which was evidently, very convincing. Additionally, in 2019, glamourfame.com also came forward with pictures of Taeyeon to prove that the 32-year-old singer has definitely done some chiselling to her nose and jawline.

Apart from these websites and fans posting before and after photos of Taeyeon on YouTube to prove their point, no certified surgeon has come forward to give their expert opinion to date. Fans are hopeful a professional can study Taeyeon’s face and reveal the underlying facts. 

Taeyeon had been very vocal about her cosmetic surgery rumours. In 2018, she responded to an interviewer saying that her mother would be sorrowful if she went under the knife. Taeyeon often posted pictures of herself without make-up to prove to her devoted fans that she is natural. 

Surgery or not, Taeyeon has a unique feminine charm about her. She may have undergone the procedures mentioned above simply to enhance her already beautiful face.

The South Korean beauty standard is very high, and it is without a doubt, to stay in the fame game, one has to look absolutely perfect. The world of K-pop has no tolerance for imperfection.

A tiny wrinkle, droopy eye/ears or temporary eyebags can cost anyone their dream. What are your thoughts on Taeyeon’s speculated procedures? 

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