Taraji Henson Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Who doesn’t know and love this “Baby Boy” actress? Taraji Henson is a name that’s popular in Hollywood, and for good reasons.

She has been on several shows on television, and people know and love her for her incredible acting skills. This multi-award-winning actress is, hands down, one of the most skilled and well-respected women in the film and media industry.

Although the tablets and new channels keep reporting about her immense success as an actress, she has also come under the radar for cosmetic procedure speculations. Fans, as well as experts, speculate that this actress might have undergone the surgeon’s knife.

Before and After Pictures


It’s not uncommon to hear rumors and gossip about plastic and beauty surgeries in the entertainment business. Taraji Henson is someone you would categorize as a middle-aged woman.

But the interesting thing is, she does not seem to look like someone who is in her fifties. This just gives fans more reason to suspect that she has had surgery done on her face to look fresher, tighter, and younger.

Due to the sheer fact that her age and her looks do not match at all, fans have come to a conclusion that this American actress might have made some appointments and visited aestheticians and surgeons. But is it true? Can these rumors be verified?

Are her fans right to think that she has had surgery done? Keep reading this article to find out what is true and what is false regarding Taraji Henson’s cosmetic surgery.

It’s a well-known fact that most of the stars these days opt for cosmetic procedure. While some surgeries might not be drastic or major and more towards subtle changes, some people go all in and get their faces reworked and reshaped. So, what about Taraji Henson? Is this American actress a stranger to the surgeon’s knife, or has she made a few appointments with the doctor?

One of the prime reasons why fans speculate about Taraji Henson’s surgery is that she does not look her age. Most people in their fifties will have fine lines, wrinkles, and even a saggy appearance.

However, Taraji seems to defy these odds. Ever since her breakthrough role in “Baby Boy,” which was released in 2001, she seems to look younger and younger.

There are numerous juicy allegations and gossip concerning Taraji Henson. Fans of hers want to get to the bottom of this and find out for certain whether or not this actress has had cosmetic surgery done.

If you take a look at her before and after photos, you’ll understand why and where this speculation is coming from. Nonetheless, we strongly believe that Henson has had cosmetic surgery done to retain her youthfulness, which honestly is not a crime at all!

Did she get breast implants?


Pictures do not lie. Fans who are wondering whether or not Henson has had cosmetic surgery should try and dig up old photos and compare them to the more recent ones. The results are going to shock you! There is a reason why there is chatter among fans regarding her and cosmetic surgery.

If you take a look at Taraji Henson’s before and after photos, you’ll see noticeable differences. One of the first changes you might see is not on the face but on her breasts. Fans think that she got breast implants in an effort to elevate and enhance her appearance since her career was taking off.

Although Henson has never talked publicly about it, we can all safely assume that she has undergone cosmetic surgery to look younger and more beautiful. Since the world of entertainment focuses on external beauty more, we don’t blame Henson for choosing to opt for cosmetic surgery.

Everyone wants to fight aging, especially women. In the case of Taraji, even though the evidence is not much or not very defined, we cannot ignore how different she looks in her old photos from the 90s to early 2000s and how she looks now. It clearly suggests she has gone under the knife to battle signs of aging.

Did Taraji Get A Nose Job?


One of the most common types of cosmetic procedure actresses opt for is a Nose Job. We have tantalizing gossip and information regarding Taraji Henson and whether or not she has had a nose job done. Fans were the first to notice that her nose looked somewhat bigger in earlier photos.

True fans are able to spot the tiniest of changes, and that was what happened in the case of Henson. They noticed that her nose was actually smaller. And since a Rhinoplasty is basically a common procedure these days, it’s no surprise or great shock that Henson underwent a nose job.

Before long, the conversation shifted from her breast implants to her nose. Fans found her nose to be slimmer and tinier than ever before, suggesting that she underwent rhinoplasty. And it looks like she got it done from someone skilled and experienced.

Did she get a Lip Filler?

Another facial area where fans have been quick to notice and make speculations are her lips. Taraji’s lips in her recent photos appear to be fuller and bigger. But this was not always the case. If you rewind the tape, you will notice that her lips back in the late 90s and early 2000s were actually small.

Getting your lips augmented and getting fillers done is natural and, frankly, quite normal these days. So, we’re not surprised that this actress also chose to get her lips done. But again, we do not have official confirmation from her. Everything is speculative and interpreted based on her photos.

Final Thoughts

For now, fans will have to rely solely on pictures and speculative evidence. This “Boston Legal,” and “Empire,” actress has still not come out publicly regarding her cosmetic surgery.

And we get it. It’s a private discussion for many people. We only hope that Henson one day talks to the media about whether or not she actually underwent cosmetic surgeries on her face. Her pictures suggest that her youthfulness is artificial. So, we’re all just waiting for official confirmation from her.

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