Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

So just like any famous celebrity, Taylor Swift knows that singing isn’t the only thing you have to be good at in the industry and media.

With fame and money, celebrities tend to transform themselves. A few changes here and there to make themself look like a goddess.

Before and After Pictures

Taylor Swift before and after

When you perform on stage or in music videos or when you go to talk shows, you need to look your best, and because of the rising beauty standards plus so many people watching your every move as a top celebrity, the pressure is real.

Taylor Swift has been open about her struggles with weight, but she doesn’t talk about cosmetic procedure rumors that surround her. In fact, Taylor Swift is quite unhappy when those rumors start spreading, and that’s probably the reason why she never addresses those rumors.

Once Life and Style magazine posted about the changes Taylor Swift had gone through over the past ten years, Sarah Hyland, the Modern Family actress, and Taylor’s friend, came to her rescue because the magazine hinted that Taylor Swift had undergone cosmetic surgery. Even at that time, Taylor stayed silent.

Taylor Swift, even at the start of her career she had her charm, and with age and time, she grew up to be a beautiful pop star. So what’s the secret behind her looks? What makes her keep looking better and better?

Did she really have cosmetic surgery? Since Taylor Swift doesn’t give us the answers, let’s try and find them out ourselves!

Did Taylor Swift get a Nose Job?

Taylor Swift nose job

One of the celebrities’ most reconstructive surgery procedures is Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure where the shape of our nose is changed.

Taylor Swift is also rumored to have done this procedure, although she has never claimed to have done one. Hopefully, it is not a camera filter—the shape of Taylor’s nose when we look at her younger self and the current one. We can see that her nose looks a bit defined and small than what it used to look.

Cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Anthony Youn from Youn cosmetic Surgery also say that Taylor Swift’s nose looks different from before when she had a wider round nose and suspects that she did get a nose job that too, a subtle one. So it was an excellent example of a nose job gone right.

Getting a Rhinoplasty surgery done on average usually costs about $7,500 to $15,000, depending on the type of Rhinoplasty being done.

Did Taylor Get Lip Fillers?

Taylor Swift lip fillers

The top and bottom of Taylor Swift’s lips are not the exact sizes as her bottom lip is fuller than her upper lip, which we can see the difference clearly when compared.

But in the year 2012, Taylor’s lips seem to have undergone some changes. It might be lip fillers because her upper lip now looks fuller, almost the same as her lower lip.

The lip filler change was not constant, though. Since, after some years later, Taylor Swift’s lips went back to their normal shape. As lip fillers don’t usually last more than a year, Taylor probably lip injected her lips with derma filler to get the plump look. So maybe she got tired of it. Luckily Taylor didn’t go for lip surgery, or we might’ve gotten a lip job gone wrong case.

The price of getting a derma filler treatment done, on average, costs about $500 to $800 per syringe.

Did Swift Using Botox Injections?

Taylor Swift botox

Rumors have been going around that Taylor Swift has been using Botox injections on her face. This rumor started with the public saying that her face looks more frozen and stiff than it used to be. With comments like when Taylor laughs, she looks stiff and not natural at all.

But not all rumors are true, and if we compare her before and after images or YouTube videos, we can see that Taylor still has her smile lines, and we can see it clearly even when she laughs. Besides, Taylor Swift is still 31, so many years are left to start injecting Botox.

Getting a Botox treatment usually costs about $300 to $1000 according to flat rates.

Did she get a boob job?

Before 2013 Taylor had no issues with rumors regarding her breast, but after her appearance in the 2013 People’s Choice awards, there was clearly a difference in the size of her breast, and her bust line seemed more pronounced; this look of Taylor Swift made headlines.

In most of her award functions before 2013, Taylor Swift always wore clothes that were not so revealing, but now she seems brave and confident to be wearing revealing clothes and posing at the camera with no awkwardness.

Also, when you look at Taylor Swift before and after photos, you can see that her breast size has increased noticeably from an A cup size to a full B cup size now.

Yes, somewhere around that year, she did gain weight, so that might have helped as well, but the change won’t have been this prominent. So most probably around 2011 to 2012, she might have taken some help from a professional surgeon.

The price of getting a breast augmentation surgery usually costs about $3,300 to $15,000 depending on the type of breast augmentation done, like doing it with implants, fat transfer, or hybrid.

Did She Undergo Buttock Augmentation?

There have been many speculations going on around Taylor Swift’s butt, and many questions arose. It started when Taylor came to the iHeartRadio Music Awards in 2016 with a new perky butt.

Compared to her old pictures, Taylor had a flat back, and this sudden change surprised everyone. But we are not sure if she had implants or just a butt pad, or she got a Brazilian lift where fats from other parts of the body are transferred to the buttocks. Or it might be that she has started a new workout regime focusing on that area.

How About Chin Job?

Taylor Swift’s chin has a little butt-like dent in the middle, and people are speculating that she might have done some job in that area.

Even when we look at Taylor’s old pictures and now, we can still see a little difference in their chin even though it’s a small detail. So if she did do some corrections there, there are two ways to do it: fillers or implants.

But since Taylor’s chin is already in good shape, it won’t have needed many touches up, so they probably used fillers like Radiesse or Juvederm, which cost around $350 – $1000 for her chin.

The prices of all these cosmetic procedures vary according to the type of procedures done, their treatment areas, and the country from where the surgery is being done.

There has been some talk that Taylor might have done an upper eyelid operation to get a brighter eyelift, but the evidence isn’t that solid, and there wasn’t much speculation about it.

What you need to know about her

Taylor Alison Swift, Famously called Taylor Swift, was born in Pennsylvania on 13th December 1989. She is a singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, and director.

The country singer turned pop star Taylor Swift is one of the biggest pop stars in the music industry, winning numerous awards, including twenty-three American Music Awards and ten Grammy Awards.

Releasing hit after hit albums and gaining rave reviews, Taylor Swift got most of her songwriting influence from her personal experiences, especially her breakups and exes, which she is known for.

Final Thoughts

Even though Taylor Swift doesn’t admit or respond to any rumors about this rumors, some renowned doctors back up these claims. Taylor Swift has also gone through weight loss and gain problems.

So we never know in the coming years we might end up getting a liposuction rumor, too, since celebrities all try to keep a good body image.

Author of The Age Fix: How to Look Ten Years Younger, a Top Doctor, Dr. Anthony Youn, had several opinions regarding Taylor Swift’s cosmetic surgery procedures, saying that Taylor did undergo some cosmetic procedures on her face and body, and they all seemed to have turned out well.

But cosmetic procedure or not, Taylor always shows up with her best look! So what are your thoughts on Taylor Swift going under the knife? Do you think she went through it, or are they just rumors?

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