Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Who in the world doesn’t know Tom Cruise? The Hollywood actor has always been one of the most recognizable faces in the industry.

Tom Cruise has always maintained his star status with box office hits such as ‘Top Gun,’ ‘Rain man,’ and the ‘Mission Impossible’ franchise under his belt.

The Hollywood persona started appearing in the limelight with his film ‘Risky Business’ in 1983. More than 38 years later, Tom Cruise still dominates the industry with his pretty-boy image.

Tom Cruise young

It’s no argument that Tom Cruise is indeed a force to reckon with. His list of achievements goes on with more critically acclaimed titles such as ‘The Last Samurai,’ ‘War of the Worlds, ‘ etc. What’s the secret to his success? Well, besides the fact that he’s a solid professional actor and performer, a lot of credit goes to his looks and charm.

Unlike many others in Hollywood, Tom Cruise never trained as an actor or went to film school. He joined the industry as a complete amateur. But despite not having any experience in the field, his handsome looks and appealing charm won the day. It’s no wonder he’s been termed the ‘Sexiest man alive.’

Tom Cruise before and after

Tom Cruise’s attractive persona has indeed won the hearts of many over the years. Just look at those eyes! Aren’t they dreamy? And what about that perfect jawline? We bet Tom Cruise’s face has been the subject of desire for thousands out there.

Like that famous scene from ‘Jerry Maguire’, when Tom Cruise came into the picture, he had us at ‘hello.’ That’s the power of his allure and charm. All he has to do is smile and stare with those dashing eyes, and he’ll get the women swooning in a matter of minutes!

Rumors of Tom Cruise cosmetic procedure

Did Tom Cruise get face reconstructive surgery? Did the famous heartthrob make a deal with face doctors to make his good looks everlasting? These questions have been looming in the minds of fans for quite some time now. And the truth might shock us all.

Cruise cosmetic procedure

Well, to be fair, we don’t actually know what the truth is. While there certainly have been rumors flying about the radar, Tom Cruise denies it to the bone. He maintains that he never has and never will get cosmetic procedure. But with all the evidence pointing to the opposite, can we really believe him?

Plus, there have been some pretty remarkable testimonies from fellow Hollywood actors on the subject. For example, the infamous statement made by ‘Jerry Maguire’ co-star, Cuba Gooding, Jr. Apparently, one day, Gooding pulled a surprise visit on Tom Cruise only to find him with a face full of red dots. The Hollywood Heartthrob was startled, to say the least.

If a face full of red dots isn’t enough evidence, then we don’t know what is.

Tom Cruise face

But wait, there’s more! In 2011, Tom Cruise even met a renowned cosmetic surgeon named Ivo Pitanguy. This secret meeting apparently took place during a trip to Brazil. Why would Tom Cruise secretly meet a world-famous surgeon? We think you can figure out the answer on your own.

Another shocker was Tom Cruise’s appearance in the 2016 BAFTA awards. Fans couldn’t help but notice the artificial quality of his face. For someone who is pushing into his sixties, he sure looks oddly boyish. His eyelids and eye bags show no signs of aging at all. This left everyone with the question, did he put a filter on his face?

To get to the bottom of this, we’ve done some deep digging!

A closer look at Tom Cruise’s face

For the sake of figuring out this mystery, let’s take a closer look at Tom Cruise’s face. Let’s start by comparing some before and after pictures of the world-famous actor. Who knows, maybe we can answer some of the questions looming in our minds.

Tom Cruise closer look

In the before pictures, the skin on Tom Cruise’s forehead is smooth as a newborn baby. No surprise there. But looking at the after pictures, we don’t see many signs of aging either. Even though he has aged over thirty years, his skin remains young. What’s going on here?

For someone who is 59 years old, the skin on his forehead is still too buttery and smooth. What sorcery is this? Is he using a secret face massage technique that keeps his skin forever young? Or maybe, just maybe, Could it be the work of botox? Expert doctors seem to think so.

Tom featured photo

Now, how about those eyes? No signs of aging or dark circles under his eye bags and no wrinkles on his eyelids either. Come on, do we really need to guess? We think it’s the result of an eyelift procedure.

Eyelift procedures can make sure that the eyes don’t sag or show any signs of exhaustion. We don’t know about you, but Tom Cruise’s eyes definitely seem to have that suspicious ‘never tired’ quality.

Time and time again, face reconstructive doctors have concluded the same thing. That Tom Cruise has unquestionably gotten some work done on his face. No doubt bout it. They suspect that the actor has gotten multiple nose jobs and even hair transplants. Yikes! That might be too much for his fans to digest.

Let’s take a look at some more examples pointed out by experts.

Did Tom Cruise get a facelift?

Comparing some of Tom Cruise’s before and after pictures, we notice something strange with his jaw line. There are no signs of his jaw and chin loosening up, as is the norm when people age. But Tom Cruise seems to have overcome this natural process and continues to carry a perfectly shaped jaw line. We wonder what the secret to this phenomenon is.

Tom Cruise facelift

What’s the hidden answer? A subtle facelift procedure. That’s right, folks, it’s as simple as that! Doctors believe that Tom Cruise has been getting secret facelifts done behind the scenes. This procedure tightens the loose skin on your face. With a small incision made behind the ears, doctors can subtly adjust the chin and jaw area to look sharper.

Even though Tom Cruise fails to acknowledge this, the evidence is clear. The transformation in his neck area is obviously not a result of natural change. According to his age, he should have a droopy chin, but there it stands, all perfect and glamorous. Even more so than people much younger than him. Something is unmistakably fishy here.

This goes to show that when you’ve been named the sexiest man alive, you can go to any extent to maintain that aura. No matter what the cost or how high the prices are, Tom Cruise will do anything to be at the top.

To be honest, we have to admit that the facelift is indeed working out for him. There are many surgery-obsessed celebs out there who can’t even tell when the process has gone bad for them. They aren’t difficult to find; YouTube is filled with videos pointing out their abnormalities. We’re thankful that Tom Cruise isn’t on that list. Otherwise, this article would be filled with trolls and memes.

Nose jobs, teeth fixing and hair transplants

Rumors of Tom Cruise getting a nose job have been flying around the internet for some years now. If we look at some before and after pictures, we can notice some differences in his nose.

As a younger man, Tom Cruise had a slightly fat nose. His nose bridge was broader and more prominent. But now, it seems his nose has become slimmer and sharper. It could be a natural change, but some experts suggest that a nose job is probably the cause.

And what about his teeth? Thirty-five years ago, Tom Cruise had some really crooked teeth. Just look at his appearance in ‘The Outsiders’ if you don’t believe us. Anytime Tom Cruise would open his mouth, we could see the curved nature of his teeth. It really didn’t do justice to that beautiful face!

Years later, we can no longer see the weird bend on his teeth. Why is that? Experts speculate that the ‘Mission Impossible’ star may have gotten some procedures to fix his teeth. Although there isn’t any evidence to prove that, the changes look too clean and well done to be natural.

Lastly, the most astonishing rumor of all, Tom Cruise’s hair transplant. Rumors have it that Tom Cruise has indeed gotten a hair transplant to fix a receding hairline problem. With the actor being 59 years old, we aren’t surprised. And we can honestly say that this was one of the procedures gone right.

Although the changes aren’t that prominent, there are a few signs that give away the secret. Just take a look at some of his before pictures. The hairline was relatively weak, exposing the side edges of his forehead. However, the after pictures tell a different story. The volume of his hair seems to have increased, covering up the skin on the sides of his forehead.

Well, there you have it! All the fuzz surrounding the Hollywood Honcho’s ever-frozen looks. We hope you enjoyed it!

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