Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After – The Truth

Wendy’s physical outlook has drastically transformed over the years. There have been a lot of rumors and questions concerning her appearance. Did she get her Jawline chiseled? Did she get a boob job?

Every Wendy Williams fan must be curious to know if she has done cosmetic Surgery.

Before and After Pictures

Has Wendy Williams got a Nose job

It is practically close to impossible to look as good as Wendy Williams is at present (age 57). The daytime talk show host looks more refined than she was years back. There have been speculations about her current look in comparison with her older images.

Her before and after looks are entirely different. Did she get her face tightened? Jawlines chiseled? Or a breast implant? Most celebrities shy away from disclosing their lives, especially talks related to surgeries. Wendy has been timid about her surgery procedures in the past; however, she has been vocal about it recently. 

But that’s not everything! There seems to be more than what she has admitted in public. Did she have a nose job? Did she also have an eye lift? Let’s find it out.

Did Wendy Williams have Breast Implants?

Did Wendy Williams the talk show host have facial fillers

The most prominent feature of Wendy Williams’ body is her huge breast. In the early ’90s, her breast was smaller. It was after 1994, her boobs marginally elevated. The talk show host didn’t come clean about this at that time.

Many years later, she disclosed that she had undergone breast implants in 1994. In her show, she talks about how she was closely associated with her surgeon Dr. Marion Shapiro even before the birth of her show.

Wendy Williams got under the knife, and her implant was placed under the breast muscle. This approach makes her boobs look perky even after so many years. 

After the pandemic and the economy is severely impacted, the cost of breast implants is likely to increase. The average price of breast implants is between $4,000 and $12,000. 

Did Wendy undergo full-body Liposuction? 

One thing that we don’t need to assume or inspect further is Wendy’s body liposuction surgery. She has done Liposuction not only once but several times. She has also openly admitted the procedure of her full-body Liposuction.

With a lot of money, it isn’t difficult for a star to get rid of lipo. We all know how pregnancy can take a toll on the body’s flesh. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery to eliminate fats by suction. It generates excessive fats and wrinkles in the tummy. Wendy Williams admitted she underwent Liposuction six months after her son’s birth in 1999. She also admitted to having done a tummy tuck.  

The cost of Liposuction is usually between $3,500 to $8,000. 

Did Williams have facial fillers?

A good sharp jawline is a beautiful aesthetic to the face. As one grows old and gains weight, the jawlines tend to disappear. Wendy Williams hasn’t been candid about her surgeries in recent years.

From a YouTube video in 2020, on her show, she went to the extent of publicly showing footage of her getting Botox injected in her Jawline. No doubt, after the Botox injection, her jawlines appeared to be sharper, and her cheekbones too got more distinct.

Wendy Williams has also got her eyelids to lift, making her eye bags disappear. This has enlarged her eyes, giving her eyes more depth. This surgical procedure is prevalent among celebrities as they want to look young.   

Did she get a Nose job?

Did Wendy Williams undergo full body Liposuction

We see some changes in the outlook of Wendy Williams’ nose in her before and after pictures. Though it isn’t clear whether she underwent Rhinoplasty, her nose bridges seem thinner than it was years back. A Rhinoplasty must have come in handy in this alteration, as her nose has gotten narrower. Perhaps she considered it was too trivial of information to disclose to the public. 

Has Wendy Williams had a facelift?  

Wendy Williams is an open book when it comes to her procedures of surgeries. However, she didn’t admit to getting a facelift. It is pretty hard to believe for a 56 years old to look this good and young. Don’t you think so? Her skin appears more tightened and clarified. And the wrinkles and her crow eyes almost seemed to have disappeared. 

What she proclaims doesn’t seem to compliment how she looks. Does she have filters applied? What do you think about this? 

Did Wendy Williams get lip filler? 

Wendy Williams hasn’t held back from disclosing about her breast augmentation and body transformation.

But when it comes to her face, she has been quite candid about it. Although her face hasn’t changed much, there has been some enhancement and involvement of Botox. Doctors say that Wendy Williams might have undergone some Botox therapy. 

If you see her early 2000’s pictures, she had thinner lips. Her current upper lips are slightly enhanced. There is a subtle change in the size. Perhaps this is an example of Surgery done right. 

The cost of lip filler on average starts from $500 to $2000

In 2020, her guest D.L Hughley suspected her getting more cosmetic surgery in the Wendy Williams show. She was looking sleek, and her skin was glowing. Her guest remarked if she had gotten more Surgeries. Wendy Williams denied it and insisted it was just moisturizer. She added that good sleep and drinking a lot of water have made her look good. 

Wendy Williams stated that she is not getting any more surgeries below her neck. Except for a breast reduction which she will be doing whenever she is ready. 

Did Wendy do butt enhancement? 

In 2017, Wendy was on vacation with her husband where her pictures went viral. She was trolled for her flat butt. Wendy responded that she is shaped like a P because her party is in the front and not in the back. 

 From the pictures, we can assume that she hasn’t done any butt enhancement as it looks natural and flat. 

Wendy, in her show, gets tips on butt enhancement from Dr. Oz, but it doesn’t seem she got butt implants. 

What you need to know about her

Wendy Joan Williams, famously known as Wendy Williams, was born on July 18, 1964. She is a Radio DJ, television star, media personality, and author. She is no stranger when it comes to the world of television and the hall of fame. Still didn’t ring a bell? Well, you might know her from the popular talk show, ‘The Wendy Williams show’ created and hosted by Wendy herself.

The Wendy Williams show is commonly known for its daring on-air-quarrels drama, celebrity interviews, and hot topics segments. Another element that adds prominently to the show’s popularity is its host, Wendy Williams. Is the chief reason behind the show’s success in the host’s beauty and appearance? 

With all the glamor and millions of fans following, it is crucial to look presentable and flawless. Sometimes to be a star, you need more than just talent. It would be best if you had good looks. And to meet the standards and fame, many celebrities have set out to reconstruct their natural selves. 

Final Word

Dr. Daniel Barrett and Dr. Mccoy Moretz have confirmed Wendy’s breast implants. They explained the reason behind Wendy’s perky breast after all these years. Wendy’s breast implants were done under her breast muscles, which is why it still looks perfect. Wendy, in her talk show, has also recommended getting implants under the muscle. 

Unlike many other celebrities, Wendy Williams hasn’t denied her surgeries. She has been open about it and usually addresses it in her talk shows. 

As a host who is constantly in front of the camera, one needs to be perfect. It takes courage and boldness to talk about her surgeries as a popular icon. 

Wendy has got breast implants which she has admitted. She hasn’t been quite open about her other surgeries, such as lips filler, facelift, nose job. However, from the comparison images and videos on the internet, we can say that there have been subtle re-creations done on her face.

For a personality like Wendy, it is challenging to keep things hidden. Primarily she is constantly in the frames of the lens. The obvious surgeries gone wrong can be noticed by the public. 

There is tremendous pressure as host of a popular television show. Wendy undoubtedly has undergone specific alterations in her face to keep the public image perfect, though they are not explicitly noticeable. Do you think she has experienced more surgeries that we aren’t aware of? What do you think?

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